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GSO Believes in Integrity and Quality without Compromise

The very bedrock of GSO Aviation is our Integrity and our Quality Assurance, and here it is taken very seriously. Without integrity and quality, all other services and functions of GSO Aviation would not matter. GSO Aviation believes in doing what is right the first time, even if it is not business expedient. We believe that Quality Assurance is just that. Ultimate success can be found in gaining the trust of the customer, not just the business. Increased business will be a natural progression from trust as relationships are built upon integrity and mutual respect.


At GSO Aviation, Quality Assurance applies to more than just the immediate repair of a component part. It extends to every facet of this company. While it is impossible to completely eliminate human error, it can be effectively reduced by placing a system of personal accountability and check systems in place. Every system at GSO Aviation, including administration, building maintenance, component repair, customer service and shipping has in place a review system that continually strives to get things right the first time.

Shop Flow

Most of the members of GSO Aviation's staff have served in a variety of roles in many different aviation companies. This experience was used to design a new system that keeps efficiency and speed in mind as a unit enters the shop and goes through the many different stages necessary to successfully complete its repair. This mindset of building development around the product not only eliminates unnecessary and wasteful steps in the repair process, it also brings a unique professionalism to our purpose built facility.

Open Door Policy

GSO Aviation has an Open Door Policy that we extend to all of our customers. If you are in our area, please stop on by and try a shot of our Cuban Coffee!

‘Not slothful in business; Fervent in spirit; Serving the Lord’
(Romans 12:11)

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